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Prison Art Gallery Elite is bringing prison art into the main stream art world little by little and opening the eyes of society to the quality and beauty of this quality art.

Prison art is one of the most unique forms of art in the world and yet one of the least understood or seen. For decades prisoners have crafted and refined their skills using only the minimal items(supplies) they are/were able to gather together. These artists have refined, expanded, and pushed their skills out into the beautiful forms we present to you. The artists/ art we present can easily compare with many of the world renowned artists of yesterday, today,and tomorrow. Many of these crafters/artists we present will be producing art exclusively for this site which means as their name in the art world increases in notoriety so will the demand for their pieces of art.

for instance: the artists who use ink pens, to draw their art, are doing some of the hardest and rarest forms of art in the world. These masterful drawings done in ink pen are almost exclusively done in prison. This refined style of prison art leaves little room for mistakes, cause ink can't be erased or covered by another color as a painter might do to re-due the flawed portion. "this can't be done!" and if taken into consideration the mass amount of effort, hours, and patience placed into one of these quality drawings with only the small tip of a pen or pencil as compared to other forms of art, there is no comparison. In this sites opinion this is one of the most valuable art forms in the world, due to its rarity and specialized skill, not to mention how hard it is to aquire one of these pieces of art from prisons in the first place.

The majority of the artists contributing to this gallery are serving life sentences in the level 4 Maximum security prisons of California.

The prison Art Gallery Elite, only has elite prison artists on this site. they are unique and the best crafter's at what the do.

P.A.G.E also offers request work of original portraits, bead-work/jewelry, tattooed cups, art of any form, tattoo patterns, customized lettering, alphabets, and commercial art as well as clothing & accessories. Our clothing line is designed with original prison patterns. Our motto is
"if we don't have it, we can get it."
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